About Spectra

Spectra BV is a company founded in 1995 by J.B. Walther. The company is specialized in the development and production of analog and digital circuits and systems. Our unique knowledge and experience makes it possible to offer products which extend to the upper and lower limits of the spectrum. This all combined with a very low overhead makes it possible to be really competing in the electronic product development industries.

 Company Profile

Spectra Electronic Development bridges the cap between concept and design with innovative, leading edge electronic design of circuits, systems and products.

We are specialized in integrating and implementation of high-speed electronics, DSP technology, RF and real world mixed signal technologies. Coordinating with many years of experience in system integration, embedded development and hardware/software design we are prepared to meet your design needs.

Our solutions lower the total cost of design and engineering for a variety of applications.

We have jointly developed several products in the field of RF technology from DC to 20GHz, products for digital communications, helping our customers to meet their time to market requirements in a cost effective way.

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With the right design team on your side, nothing is insurmountable.

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