Nicam 728 B/G/H/K1/L and I Digital Audio transmission including analog mono FM carrier

One of our recent developments is a full featured NICAM encoder for the transmission of two-channel digital sound according to EN 300 163.
This design fits in a single FPGA and fully complies with EN 300 163. Output carrier level is adjustable over more than 15 dB range. Due to the application of low cost digital signal processing techniques this design has been unbeatable for a long time.


• Digital Terrestrial transmission of stereo audio channels
• CATV Nicam sound distribution systems

Standard Features:
• Output frequency 5.85 and 6.552 MHz

• Analog mono FM carrier (5.5 or 6.5 MHz) for fallback
• Adjustable RF output amplitude range over > 15 dB
• J17 digital preëmphasis
• Compact Design

Nicam 728 Encoder


Lowest Cost Market Solution Today
Use of state of the art FPGA digital signal processing techniques.

Digital J17 pre-emphasis
Predistortion accomplished in digital domain.

Carrier frequency 5.85 MHz (Mode B/G/H/K1/L) and 6.552 MHz (Mode I)
Supports all standards according to EN 300 163.

Nicam + Analog FM in one solution
RF output level NICAM 83dB/uV and mono FM carrier 103dB/uV @ 75 Ohm load

Adjustable Output Level
RF output digital adjustable 15.5dB in 0.5dB steps by I2C bus or by jumper settings.

Low spurious levels
RF spurious rejection NICAM > 50dB and mono carrier > 60dB

Multi Mode Support
Audio modes: Stereo/dual mono/single mono mode ( with on/off switch function of analog MONO carrier 5.5 or 6MHz)

Mono FM fallback option
Reserve sound flag on/off (mono carrier detection)

Small Form Factor
87x56mm standard FR4 multilayer

Dual NICAM version also available. Contact spectra for more information and pricing

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