The Spectra SP-ASI is an Entry-Level MPEG-2 encoder with ASI output. It is ideally suited for very cost-sensitive applications where good picture quality and easy simple controls are required.

The unit includes analog inputs for left/right Audio and differential SUB-D audio, composite and Y/C Video inputs and RS-232 monitoring output. The transport stream is available at double buffered ASI outputs.

The Spectra ASI encoder is housed in a rugged compact 19" 1U rack chassis for any Environmental Conditions.

The SP-ASI is the perfect component for any digital headend multi-channel application, mobile contribution such as sport and news gathering via microwave or satellite links and any other broadcast and professional application where quality but also budgetary considerations are important.

• Digital Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, MMDS Television
• Fixed and Mobile Contribution / Distribution / Broadcasting
• Digital Satellite Television Head-Ends
• Video Distribution over Wireless infrastructure
• DSNG / DENG applications

Standard Features:
• Composite Video input

• Y/C input
2 Audio Channels Analog over Cinch
• Advanced 4:2:0 MP@ML video compression up to 25 Megabit/s
Video Pre-Processing
• Ultra low Latency 4:2:0 for conferencing applications
• Control via front panel, monitoring via RS-232 Serial
• Low power consumption

MPEG2 ASI Encoder


Very Cost-Effective
Ideal for cost-sensitive applications with optimal picture quality and simple control features

Real Time Video encoding at MP@ML
For 625 and 525 interlaced line systems

Four resolution levels
Supports D1, 2/3D1, 1/2D1 and SIF resolution levels.

SI-table insertion
MPEG2 standard tables, Video/Audio PID's adjustable.

Bitrate encoding up to 25 Mbit
Video bitrate adjustable. 1.5 - 15Mbit/s IP or IBP encoding. Up to 25 Mbit/s I frames only.

Programmable GOP structure
Different Group Of Pictures structure selectable from menu.

RS-232 monitoring
Device status readout through RS-232 terminal.

Motion Compensation Noise Filter
For optimal performance at all bitrates.

1U Rack
Standard shipped in 19" 1U rack.

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