The Spectra DVB24S and the DVB24S/P is an Entry-Level DVB-S modulator with built-in MPEG-2 encoder. It is ideally suited for very cost-sensitive applications where good picture quality and easy simple controls are required.

The unit includes analog inputs for left/right Audio and composite and Y/C Video, RF S-Band output, and RS-232 remote control.

The DVB modulator is housed in a rugged compact 19" 1U rack chassis for any Environmental Conditions.

The DVB24S is the perfect component for any digital headend multi-channel application, mobile contribution such as sport and news gathering via direct microwave or satellite links and any other broadcast and professional application where quality but also budgetary considerations are important.

• Digital Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, MMDS Television
• Fixed and Mobile Contribution / Distribution / Broadcasting
• Digital Satellite Television Head-Ends
• Video Distribution over Wireless infrastructure
• DSNG / DENG applications
• DVB-S Encoding and Delivery

Standard Features:
• Composite Video input

• Y/C input
2 Audio Channels Analog over BNC
• Advanced 4:2:0 MP@ML video compression up to 15 Megabit/s
Video Pre-Processing
• Ultra low Latency 4:2:0 for conferencing applications
• Control via front panel, RS-232 Serial ( Windows CD software included )
• Low power consumption

Main Options:
• Second MPEG2 Encoder ( optional )
• Second stereo Audio channel ( optional )
• Portable ruggedized housing for mobile applications ( DVB24S/P )

DVB-S Modulator for S-Band


Very Cost-Effective
Ideal for cost-sensitive applications with optimal picture quality and simple control features

RS-232 remote control
Remote control via the provided Spectra windows based software.

SI-table insertion
On board transport stream multiplexer for 2 MPEG2 encoders and built-in DVB-SI generator (Service names, EPG etc).

1U Rack
Standard shipped in 19" 1U rack.

Selectable Symbolrates
Up to 14 selectable symbolrates starting from 1.667 up to 12.5 Msymbols.

Support for all FEC ratios
FEC rates 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8.

S-Band Frequency range
Frequency selectable between 2250 - 2550 MHz with 1 MHz increments.

Windows Software included
Control of all embedded software features with an intuitive Windows based graphical user interface.

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