The Spectra SPDC2400 downconverter is a low cost high quality low noise downconverter. It's unique combination of low noise figure, low phase noise level, large signal handling capability combined with its low price level makes this device the ideal solution for S-band reception on a simple standard settop box with L-band input.

The unit includes an unconditional stable low noise input stage and very low phase noise synthesized local oscillator source. An high level mixer is used.

The SPDC2400 Downconverter comes in a rugged compact water resistant housing for protection against harsh environmental conditions.

The SPDC2400 is the perfect drop-in component for any digital or analog wireless application via direct microwave or satellite links or any other broadcast and professional receiving application where quality but also budgetary considerations are important.

• Analog and/or Digital Terrestrial, Satellite, MMDS Television reception
• Fixed and Mobile Contribution / Distribution / Broadcasting
• Video Distribution over Wireless infrastructure
• DSNG / DENG applications
• DVB-S / DVB-T reception via direct microwave

Standard Features:
• Low overall noise figure < 0.8dB

• Input Freq. range 2320 - 2600 MHz, Output 1320 - 1600 MHz
• Tele-supply over coaxial cable
• Wide supply voltage operating range 10 - 18 V
• No spectral inversion
High gain typical 35-45 dB
• Internal ultra low phase noise source. Typical -100dBc @ 10kHz.
• Low power consumption
• Ruggedized weather resistant housing
• N-Connector input

S-Band Downconverter


Low Cost Drop-in solution
Plug and play ready for standard settop boxes.

Low phase noise
Due to a very stable and low noise internal synthesized source an ideal solution for phase noise susceptable applications.

Unconditional stable design
No parasitic oscillations. Unconditional stable for a wide range of input terminations.

Excellent overall Noise Figure
With an overall noise figure of better than 0.8dB you can expect the best signal to noise ratios.

Waterproof housing
Standard shipped in waterproof housing and mast mounting bracket.

Easy conversion scheme
Due to the simple conversion scheme no difficult conversion calculations.
2.4GHz in -> 1.4 GHz out.

No spectral inversion
Therefore also the perfect choice for analog wireless applications which need conversion.

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